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“Some time ago, during a Montessori for Dementia course, the speaker was explaining how patients with dementia want to feel useful, independent. He went on to clarify by saying that we all, as adults, want the same thing. The reason for this is because ‘it’s not a dementia thing, it is a HUMAN THING’. These words stayed with me and have become my mission when providing services: dignified person-centered services because “it’s a HUMAN THING”.


My Mission

My mission is to provide individualized and tailored therapies and plans that focus on language and cognitive skills in patients living with Mild Cognitive Impairments (MCI), memory loss, or a dementia diagnosis. It is my goal to always provide dignified, respectful, engaging, people-centered treatment. In doing so I hope to contribute to a better culture of care for elders and people with dementia.

American Montessori Internationale (AMI) I am proud to be the first AMI Certified Guide for Ageing and Dementia in Puerto Rico.

Lillian M. Díaz-Bras

Lillian M. Díaz-Bras is a speech language pathologist certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), a certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional, certified by the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (ICCDP), and the first Montessori Guide for Ageing and Dementia in Puerto Rico certified by the American Montessori Internationale (AMI).

For the past 16 years Lillian has been helping take care of her stepfather who lives with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. It is her stepfather’s ongoing battle with dementia that has driven her search for techniques and treatments to improve the quality of life of these patients. This also drove Lillian to become a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional, the first AMI guide for this population in Puerto Rico, and continues to drive her to educate herself to be able to provide patients with the most vanguard strategies and tools in therapy. As a speech-language pathologist, she is always looking for research-based techniques and treatments that will improve performance in daily functions.

Lillian completed her undergraduate degree at the American University in Washington DC and thereafter her master’s degree, in Speech-Language Pathology, at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Soon thereafter she obtained her certification from ASHA and worked at the Arlington Public Schools System providing speech and language pathology services. In 2005 she moved back to Puerto Rico, where she worked as a speech language pathologist in her private practice focusing on children and adults. Later on, she moved on to being a speech language pathologist at one of Puerto Rico’s leading hospitals.

Early in life, while providing extensive hours of service for many years at a home for the elderly, Lillian developed a special interest in the struggles this population faces daily. It was later, while pursuing her master’s degree that she gained a better understanding of senile dementia, Alzheimer’s dementia, and other types of dementia, as well as Mild Cognitive Impairment. Throughout her career, and as a stepdaughter of someone who lives with dementia, she has experienced first-hand the cognitive and language challenges, among others, that patients with dementia face daily. She knows once the dementia diagnosis is given, the patients and the family members feel powerless and need a strong support system. Using her expertise, Lillian likes to provide the patient and family members with tools to improve their daily lives.


As a speech language pathologist and stepdaughter to a person living with Alzheimer’s, it is my mission to provide services and support to patients, family members, and caregivers of those living with cognitive decline or dementia.

Lillian M. Díaz-Bras

Lillian M. Díaz-Bras



American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Certified

The International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (ICCDP), Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional

The American Montessori Internationale (AMI), First AMI Certified Guide for Ageing and Dementia in Puerto Rico


American University, Washington D.C.
Undergraduate Degree

George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Master’s Degree, Speech-Language Pathology

Díaz Bras, Language & Memory Services

“Help me to do it myself.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori

Helping does not mean doing everything for our loved one. Doing so may make them feel without purpose, useless, and frustrated. Show them tasks that allow them to feel independent.

Therapies and Plans

Individualized therapies and plans that focus on language and cognitive skills in those living with dementia

Coaching and Strategies

Coaching services and strategies to help caregivers better serve the person living with dementia

Montessori for Dementia

Research-based practices such as Montessori for Dementia and person-centered care

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